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Posti compels newspaper early delivery to Posti Palvelut Oy


Posti announced on Tuesday 27.6.2017 transferring newspaper early delivery services to Posti Palvelut Oy starting from 1.7.2017. Employees are transferred to the new employer as old employees at the time of transfer. Changing of collective bargaining agreement means weakening of work terms to the employees.

- This implies the fact that payers for the overall situation and collective agreement shopping are the employees. Although employees are transferred as old workers to Posti Palvelut Oy, changing agreement means weakening work terms. The fact that there are several agreements in the field enables agreement shopping. Of course, trade union movement must look into the mirror, too. Employees are upset about the change, of course. In this business transfer all employees are transferred from carriers to office workers, newspaper early delivery national chief shop steward Pertti Miettinen tells us.

Communications and Logistics Sector Collective Labor agreement is valid for the transferred employees to Posti Palvelut until 31.10.2017. After the expiration of the Communications and Logistics Sector Collective Labor Agreement, there will be valid the collective agreement binding the transferee, i.e. for the carriers this is the collective agreement of delivery field (TEAM) and for the office workers Grafinet agreement starting from 1.11.2017.

- What comes to the transferred employees, the terms of our present collective labor agreement might be taken to defend ultimately by labor battle, chairwoman of PAU Heidi Nieminen reminds.

PAU will inform on the issue in more detail as becomes up-to-date

For further details:

Tapani Varis, chief shop steward, Metropolitan Area tel. 050 577 8809
Sebastian Störling, vice chief shop steward, Uusimaa, tel. 0400 957 319
Tero Kelkka, chief shop steward, Kymenlaakso 45–49, tel. 040 558 9652
Pertti Miettinen, national chief shop steward of newspaper early delivery, tel. 040 735 7262
Mirja Sandberg, national chief shop steward of office workers, tel. 0400 623 575

Updated 27th june 2017

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